What They’re Saying

Californians get it. PG&E’s Bailout Bonds are a raw deal for PG&E’s customers and taxpayers. PG&E should pay for its past misdeeds.

The Utility Reform Network:

“The way is clear for PG&E to access the wildfire insurance fund in the future. Instead of trying to get new laws written to benefit its corporate investors, PG&E should start following the existing law.” (Statement)

Agricultural Energy Consumers Association:

“They’re just leveraging the future. It’s a great (plan) for hedge fund shareholders … not ratepayers.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Assemblyman James Gallagher:

“I think what’s lacking from PG&E is firm commitments for what it’s going to do for Paradise and the surrounding community.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Senator Ben Hueso:

“It was sprung on us last-minute. I don’t know if we can deal with that right now.” (Politico)

Senator Scott Wiener:

“There isn’t an appetite for helping PG&E.” (Politico)

Senator Bill Dodd:

“There is no guarantee that ratepayers aren’t going to be paying here.” (SacTown Talks)

California Tax Reform Association:

“California has never issued tax-exempt bonds to bail out a private company that has incurred significant liabilities due to its own malfeasance and mismanagement. It should not start now.” (Politico)