Act now to stop PG&E’s bailout bonds

There’s an effort in the California legislature to bail out PG&E on the backs of ratepayers and taxpayers. PG&E wants permission to take on a massive amount of new debt by issuing “bailout bonds” to pay past wildfire claims.

They promise that shareholders will pay for the debt. But not surprisingly, their plan passes on the cost of these bailout bonds to its customers and California taxpayers. That isn’t right.

California must protect ratepayers, safeguard critical services
 and reject this handout to PG&E.

Act now to stop bailout bonds for PG&E.

The Bailout

After being forced to declare bankruptcy due to their past misconduct, PG&E is seeking a bailout from California lawmakers. Their plan – which requires legislation – would load the company up with another $20 to $40 billion of ratepayer-backed debt.

The Consequences

The PG&E bailout has consequences for ratepayers, taxpayers, PG&E employees, homeowners and others. Learn how the proposed bailout would impact you.

News & Resources

The latest news on PG&E, the proposed bailout and efforts to stop it.

About Us

The Coalition to Stop the PG&E Bailout is comprised of the following organizations:
The Agricultural Energy Consumers Association
The Agricultural Energy Consumers Association (AECA) represents the interests of more than 40,000 agricultural operations from Redding to San Diego. AECA members include the state’s leading agricultural associations, water agencies, farmers, ranchers, producers and food processors. AECA members share a common concern of ensuring affordable and reliable energy sources throughout California.

Californians for Energy Choice
Californians for Energy Choice is a statewide coalition of organizations and communities using the State’s 2002 Community Choice energy law to help our communities get electricity from cleaner, less expensive and locally managed sources rather than the high-priced, fossil fuel energy provided by the corporate monopoly utilities.

The Ad Hoc Committee of Senior Unsecured Noteholders of Pacific Gas and Electric Company
The Ad Hoc Committee of Senior Unsecured Noteholders of Pacific Gas and Electric Company is comprised of a diverse group of financial institutions with long-term interests in California. The committee includes 26 financial institutions that hold approximately $10 billion of PG&E debt.  A number of the committee’s members are significant California-based institutions that employ thousands of California residents and invest billions of dollars across a variety of California industries, including publicly owned and investor owned utilities. The committee has substantial concerns regarding the negative impact that PG&E’s proposed bailout bonds will have on the financial wherewithal of PG&E and, as importantly, on all publicly owned and investor owned utilities.

Sunflower Alliance
The Sunflower Alliance is committed to environmental justice and the health and safety of all Bay Area communities threatened by toxic pollution and climate change. We are fighting against the poisoning of our communities and the destruction of our planet, and for an equitable and sustainable economy fueled by renewable energy sources — wind, water and solar.

Our City
Our City is a progressive grassroots network dedicated to linking families, neighbors, communities and elected officials with a shared vision of a better San Francisco.

Sustainable Marin
The mission of Sustainable Marin is to advance sustainable principles in the County of Marin in the State of California with the goal to transform the region in the areas of environment, economics, and society into a sustainable community by the year 2040 and beyond. 

Sustainable Novato
Sustainable Novato looks ahead to a Novato where a healthy and clean environment supports a thriving local green economy with social equity for all who live and work here.

Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Santa Cruz Climate Action Network (SCCAN) seeks to address the current Climate Change Emergency, recognizing that failure to act quickly will have devastating effects on future generations of humans and other life forms. 

350 Butte County
We are volunteers residing in Butte County, California coming together to combat climate change. Butte 350 aims to raise awareness and empower individuals to take local action toward building resilience for our community as solutions to our climate emergency.

No Coal in Oakland (NCIO)
No Coal in Oakland is a grassroots organization campaigning to stop the threat of coal being transported by rail into Oakland for export overseas.

California Progressive Alliance
The California Progressive Alliance (CPA) is a statewide independent volunteer network of progressive individuals, groups, and organizations united by our shared belief that a better California is possible by reclaiming our government from the corporate interests that have overshadowed the voice of the people.

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (Santa Cruz Branch)
Women are our greatest strength. We are more than half of the world’s population, we are an enormous global constituency. WILPF maintains and builds this network as a safe and inclusive organization, using it to advance ideas and create momentum for change. Lasting peace requires people to be mobilized.

The California Poultry Federation
The California Poultry Federation (CPF) represents the state’s turkey and chicken producers and marketers. A trade association formed in 1990, the CPF represents all segments of the industry including growers, hatchers, breeders and processors. CPF is actively involved in educating local, state, and federal government about the issues that are of concern to the California poultry industry.